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Know patriotic business? Recommend them! We appreciate you and want to help you make some nice extra income.

Sign-up as an affiliate and earn $150 for each business sign-up

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Know a patriotic business? Recommend them! We appreciate you and want to help you make some nice extra income. Sign-up as an affiliate and earn $150 for each business sign-up. Make an amazing income while feeling good about giving back to your community or if you’d prefer, let us know which 501(c)(3) charity we can donate to on your behalf on a quarterly or annual basis.

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Hosting an event, meeting, or tradeshow? We’d love to attend, either in person or virtually. Get in touch with us for more info.”

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We always look forward to meeting other patriotic business owners, as well as local clubs and organizations.

Online virtual meetings or in-person events; small, intimate gatherings or large exhibitions—ProAmerica360 is here to highlight the importance of supporting proud American businesses. Get in touch today and book us for an upcoming event!”

Join and be proud to be a part of the Proud American Commerce Movement ProAmerica360

Frequently Asked Questions

Membership in the ProAmerica360 affiliate program is free. Fill out this application to join our affiliate program and you will be invited to join a conference call with our founder as well as have the option to participate in monthly support calls if you wish.

Yes, our free call-to-action materials are located in your affiliate dashboard. Within the Creatives tab, you can access social media and print-ready materials as well as receive assistance with speaking events, table days, interviews, etc. from our ProAmerica360 team.

We welcome national and local businesses in addition to online stores.

You can track your affiliate earnings in our Affiliate Dashboard in real-time. It will show you what is pending, paid out, and present reports of how you’re trending.

If you have a reason for requesting specific codes, please email us at Customized coupons are available within a reasonable limit; if possible, we will make the customizations that you request

As an affiliate, you aren’t obligated to assist business members who use your promo code. Please direct them to the administrator at

All business listing sign-ups after January 1, 2021, will qualify for payment of $150 per sign-up. Payments may occur between 30 and 45 days (with no later than 60 days) after the sign-up is completed. Please add your banking information to Payouts on your Dashboard.

Earnings can be applied to business memberships or merchandise from our soon-to-launch store.

We will be happy to donate to any 501(c)(3) organization of your choice. If ProAmerica360 concludes that a particular charity is not congruent with our brand, we will contact you.
To be eligible for ProAmerica360’s donation program, please email: and request to opt-in.

Any earnings paid to an individual over $600 within one calendar year must be reported on Federal Form 1099.

We do not have any plans to offer residuals. This service is temporarily unavailable, but we will keep you updated if we plan to reintroduce it in the future.

We currently do not offer a reimbursement program for affiliates. As an affiliate, our agreement is voluntary on both sides.

As an affiliate of ProAmerica360, a 1099 form will be completed at the end of each calendar year for your account.

Please find promotional content in your Affiliate Dashboard under ‘Creatives’. If you have content you’d like to use, please get pre-approval at before posting or sharing.

Please contact if interview opportunities arise, and a representative from ProAmerica360 will gladly assist in the interview.

Please email if you would like to obtain pre-approval. We are happy to discuss support, materials, and specially-created coupon codes. Approval is required to avoid termination of the Affiliate Agreement.

Nonprofits and educational institutions can join our site for free. They are not eligible to receive commission through our affiliate program; you can contact for further assistance.

If you need additional help, contact us at for free support

If an Affiliate misrepresents the brand of ProAmerica360, the affiliate risks losing an account. Accounts may be terminated for using content outside of a Dashboard (under ‘Creatives’).

ProAmerica360 does not permit its members to engage in interviews, including YouTube videos, without pre-approval.

If at any point an Affiliate is unsure what would be considered “misrepresentation,” please email before taking action in question.

If an affiliate is terminated as a result of violating their contract terms, then they will receive an email notification with details explaining the termination. Additionally, all unpaid earnings are surrendered.

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