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"Since Money Makes the World Go Round
Let's Make Sure it Spins the Right Way."

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Don’t wait another minute! Sign up as an affiliate and start earning 25% for each business sign-up. Make a great income while feeling good about giving back to your community. If you’d prefer, let us know which 501(c)(3) charity we can donate your proceeds to on behalf of you. It’s all possible with our new Affiliate partnership program that puts money into the hands of people just like YOU. “Since Money makes the world go round let’s make sure it spins the right way.”

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Want to host an event but don’t know where or how? ProAmerica360 is here for you! We’ll come in person, either on our virtual tours or at one of your local venues. Contact us today so we can give some ideas about what it would take just like this:
Are there other organizations that might be interested as well? Maybe not all together-but maybe with another club member attending separately through work responsibilities?” Get in touch today and book us for an upcoming event!”

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Frequently Asked Questions is offering free membership to our affiliate program, no strings attached! If you are interested, follow our guidelines, and we will work together on making sure you have success as an affiliate for this company.

Yes, Our free call-to-action materials are located in your affiliate dashboard. Within the Creatives tab, you can access social media and print-ready designs, as well as receive assistance with speaking events or interviews from our ProAmerica360 team!

We welcome national and local businesses in addition to online stores.

A real-time Affiliate Dashboard allows you to see what’s pending and paid out transparently. It also provides historical trend reports that will help your affiliate marketing efforts grow even more!

If you have a reason for requesting specific codes, please email us at Customized promo codes are available within a reasonable limit; if possible, we will make the customizations that you require the best way to increase your income is by getting more customers! If you want coupons with specific codes, email us at Customized offers are available within a reasonable limit; if possible, we will make the customizations that fit your needs for an increased income!

As an affiliate, you aren’t obligated to assist business members who use your promo code. Please direct them to the administrator at

Earnings can be applied to business memberships or merchandise from our soon-to-launch store.

We will be happy to donate to any 501(c)(3) organization of your choice. If ProAmerica360 concludes that a particular charity is not congruent with our brand, we will contact you.
To be eligible for ProAmerica360’s donation program, please email: and request to opt-in.

Any earnings paid to an individual over $600 within one calendar year must be reported on Federal Form 1099.

Your marketing efforts will continue to produce valuable results months after you’ve stopped working.

The key is that the residual income only applies to monthly recurring subscriptions, not one-time purchase memberships, which require an upfront payment and don’t come with any additional cost once they’re done delivering their services.

We don’t offer a reimbursement program for affiliates, but we do enjoy the occasional promotion. If you ever come across any events or promotional opportunities that might interest us, be sure to let me know!

Please find promotional content in your Affiliate Dashboard under ‘Creatives’. If you have content you’d like to use, please get pre-approval at before posting or sharing.

ProAmerica360 is always looking for ways to give back. We love our community and want you to get involved too! Show your friends, family, or clients that they can trust ProAmerica360 when it comes time for an important presentation by reaching out with any speaking opportunities available at

Setting up a tabled event is easy. Just email us at Support@proamerica360 with your name, event info, requested date/time slot, and many guests for approval! All requests will be reviewed by our support team before they are approved; this way, it’s assurance that everything meets their high standards of quality service to avoid termination clause on the Affiliate Agreement- which means you get more out of it too 🙂

ProAmerica360 may terminate an affiliate’s account for using content outside of the Dashboard (under Creatives).

While it is possible to create YouTube videos and other interview opportunities, Affiliates must first seek approval from ProAmerica360 before engaging in such activities.

If at any point you are unsure about what would qualify as “misrepresentation,” please email us!

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