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TipNow recieves anonymous, real-time mobile app, SMS/text. We have prevented three school shootings in northern california.

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Our Founder's First Article, Published by Left Wing Media took the 'Woke" Bait
Haydee Sperling
Haydee SperlingFounder Of ProAmerica360
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A successful corporate leader. Unstoppable with her results-driven attitude. Every client, partner, and leader’s favorite. Based on principles, she turned down promotions because of affirmative action regardless of the fact she was the most qualified for the position. Haydee spoke up against the hypocrisy within corporate that her white colleagues had to endure when she was west area president of an internal Hispanic Support Organization. Based out of San Diego, CA.

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TipNow is a mobile-app based anonymous reporting system that can be used by campuses, cities, media, retailers, malls and corporations globally.

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