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Connecting Proud Americans With Proud American Businesses

The number of Americans supporting American businesses has grown rapidly because people want to shop at stores run by their fellow countrymen. We’ve created a database and network of such U.S.-owned companies so that patriotic customers can easily find them.

We Respect Patriotism, Liberty, and Freedom of Speech

As a patriotic American business, we believe strongly in our right to Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.

We love our country and are proud to be patriotic Americans.

Every Day Should Feel Like The 4th of July

As Patriots, we know that it is important to reach out and connect with our local communities. We are here to help! Email us if you have a National or Local Non-Profit or Educational Institution interested in having an event advertised on ProAmerica360.

Meet The Founder

Haydee Sperling

Haydee had a very successful long corporate career. Unstoppable with her results-driven attitude, she was every; client, partner, and leader’s favorite. Based on principles, she turned down promotions because of affirmative action regardless of the fact she was the most qualified for the position. Haydee spoke up against the hypocrisy within corporate that her white colleagues had to endure as a sitting west area president of an internal Hispanic Support Organization. Based out of San Diego, CA, as president of the HSO, she stood firm against the national HSO committee and would not organize or allow a march to protest the “children in cages” on the San Diego / Mexico border. Haydee spoke up against the anti-male feminist bullying her male colleagues were subjected to. She defended herself after HR attempted to force her into taking down a LinkedIn post that only stated, “I’m proud to be an American.”

“Everyone has a destiny, but those brave enough to step up to the plate make real change in the world’
 – Haydee Sperling.

So Haydee did just that.. she left her lucrative career and stepped up to create ProAmerica360.com.

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